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Our Story

It all began in 2007 when Simone Buarque Bradley started her business journey as a Business Analyst at Petroleo Brasileiro S/A, better known by the acronym Petrobras, a state-owned Brazilian multinational corporation in the petroleum industry, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her passion for numbers, her hunger for networking, her open mind, and her sense of organization shaped her background into something very unique. She learned that any business can be profitable with a personal touch.

After working for Petrobras for almost a decade, she decided to move to the United States of America in 2017 to make her personal and professional dreams come true. She got married to Ryan Bradley, an American from Montana, investor and well-travelled man with a great sense of humor, very smart and fun to be with, who gave Simone the encouragement she needed to get out of her comfort zone and make the business idea happen.

Buarque Bradley Bookkeeping & Tax Services is now a reality. At our company, you will never feel overwhelmed. Our goal is to take your business to the next level so you will love your numbers! Simply put, we strive to give you an accurate picture of your financial situation. Doing so allows you to operate with less stress and more profit.

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Our Team

Simone Buarque Bradley

Owner & Founder
Business Advisor
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Ryan Bradley

Owner & Co-Founder
Business Advisor

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the practice of organizing, classifying, and maintaining a business financial records. It involves recording transactions and storing financial documentation to manage the overall financial health of an organization. Most businesses use an electronic method for their bookkeeping, whether it is a simple spreadsheet or more advanced, specialized software such as QuickBooks.

Why Keep Records?
According to IRS Publication 583 (Rev. January 2021), everyone in business must keep records. Good records will help your business do the following:

– Monitor the progress of your business.
– Prepare your financial statements.
– Identify source of receipts.
– Keep track of deductible expenses.
– Prepare your tax returns.
– Support items reported on tax returns.

Why is Bookkeeping so important?
When an effective bookkeeping system is in place, businesses have the knowledge and information that allows them to make the best financial decisions. Tasks, such as establishing a budget, planning for the next fiscal year, and preparing for tax time, are easier when financial records are accurate.

Bookkeeping and Tax Services

The accuracy of your records is crucial to your business success. At Buarque Bradley, we will review your financial records consistently to ensure accuracy and to attend to those small details that could easily be overlooked.

QuickBooks Online is our accounting platform of choice as it is the clear-cut industry leader and is robust enough to handle 100% of the accounting needs of virtually all small businesses. It allows for integration with a multitude of apps (e.g., time tracking, expense reporting, online bill pay, etc.) that provide for a more efficient accounting system, which increases accuracy and saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

At Buarque Bradley, we are advanced certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. We customize our work to meet your needs.

Our services include:

Bookkeeping Setup
Our firm will capture and properly code all bank and credit card transactions.
Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
Our firm will go through this process of comparing accounting records to a bank statement to identify differences and make adjustments or corrections. Your financial health is very important to us.
Accounts Receivable
Our firm will help you manage your accounts receivable by tracking all invoices, payments, and identifying your delinquent accounts. Your life made easy!
Accounts Payable
Our firm will help you manage your accounts payable with efficiency. All the outstanding bills for your business will be recorded so you will be able to track the money you owe your vendors.
Inventory Tracking
Our firm will track your inventory easily with real-time updates and reports. We will always know what is in stock and what is on order.
Cash Flow Management
At our firm, you will get customized, data-driven financial insights to help you make informed business decisions. You will discover ways to improve your cash flow with us.
Financial Statements
Through written reports, we will determine your company’s financial performance over time. By doing so, we will have a better understanding of your business and will be able to recommend ways to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.
Comparative Financial Statements
At our firm, we use this technique to determine the profitability and financial position of your business.
Assistance with the month-end and year-end closing process
Our goal is to make sure your financials are in great shape, so your business can perform better each year. We take it seriously. We take it to the next level!
Payroll Processing
At our firm, you will get access to accurate payroll with way less work. With us, time-consuming HR processes are transformed into an easy, seamless experience.
Cleanup of your books and Financial Tracking
At our firm, we will check for data entry errors, reconcile the accounts, make adjusting entries, look for duplicates so you can upgrade the way you manage your books.
Business Advisory Services
Our firm provides valuable insights and recommendations to help clients improve financial performance, optimize operations, and make informed business decisions.


If you lack time or skills to manage your books and keep data up-to-date or hiring an in-house bookkeeper is out of your budget, then partnering with Buarque Bradley is the solution for you.

We work with different types of industries/small businesses to ensure you have a better and broader experience possible: Real estate, insurance, spas, salons and barber shops, restaurants, catering and cafes, law firms, construction, repair/body shops, IT firms and many others.

A trusted bookkeeping service is a necessity!